[946] Printer's Ink.

Manufacturer and Builder 4, 1874

Boil gallons of linseed-oil to the consistency of a thick varnish; while hot add, during constant stirring, 6 pounds powdered rosin, then 1¾, pounds dry brown soap shavings, then mix 2½ ounces indigo blue and 5 pounds best lampblack; let stand for a week and grind it. When white soap is used in place of brown, and vermilion in place of the indigo and lampblack, you have red ink; chrome yellow, chrome green, and ultramarine give respectively yellow green, and blue inks.

Precaution. — Boil your oil in the open air, and have a well-fitting cover to the pot, with long handle, so as to smother the fire when the oil takes fire. Some think that black ink is much better when it has been on fire, and therefore at the end of the operation they set it on fire intentionally, but then soon extinguish it by putting on the close fitting cover with long handle.

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