Recipes for Colored Potters' Glazings.

Scientific American 5.6.1869

White Glazing. - Prepare an intimate mixture of four parts of massicot, two parts of tin ashes, three fragments of crystal glass, and one-half part of sea salt. The mixture is suffered to melt in earthen-ware vessels, when the liquid flux may be made use of.

Yellow Glazing. - Take wqual parts of massicot, red lead, and sulphuret of antimony. Calcine the mixture and reduce it again to powder, add then two parts of pure sand, and one and a-half parts of salt. Melt the whole.

Green Glazing. - Two parts of sand, three parts massicot, one part of salt and copper scales, according to the shade to be produced. The mixture is melted as directed above.

Violet Glazing. - One part of massict, three parts of sand one of smalt, and one-eight part of black oxide of manganese.

Blue Glazing. - White sand and massicot, equal parts, one-third part of blue smalt.

Black Glazing. - Two parts of black oxide of manganese, one of smalt, one and a-half of burned quartz, and one and a-half of massicot.

Brown Glazing. - One part of fragments of green bottle glass, one of manganese, and two parts of lead glass.

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