Terra Alba.

The Scientific American 4, 26.1.1867

The extent to which this fine white earth is employed in adulterating pulverized sugar, confectionary, flour, prepared cocoa, spices, milk, etc., in incalculable. Dishonesty gives the law to many a traffic and manufacture in these days, and compels those who would rather be honest (so they imagine) to "do as others do." A chalky taste in the delicate white cracker, a tastelessness in bread, a whity scum in the tea cup from a spoonful of snowy sugar, with many another uncomprehended indicatin, betray the presence of the ever-present adulterator. Two thirds their weight of terra alba has been obtained from lozenges. This comparatively new ingredient is imported from Ireland, and that largely, costing only about one dollar and a quarter per cwt.

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