Printing ink for fine work.

The Living age 62, 19.7.1845

We discharge an agreeable duty in directing attention to great improvements made by Messrs. Parsons and Fletcher, of Paternoster-row, in the important article of printng ink; and in referring such of our readers as are interested in the subject to the appearance presented by the woodcuts contained in this number of the Art Union - all of which are printed from ink of their manufacture. Those who know how much of the effect of wood-engravings must depend upon the printing, will heartily rejoice to learn that science, skill, and experience have been combined to insure successful results - as far as the character and quality of the ink is concerned. And, in truth, this is more than "half the battle;" for many a beautiful work has been thoroughly marred by the use of a defective material, while inferior performances, if colored with a brilliant black, have been looked upon as fine examples of art. Now-a-days there are few works published without some embellishments of the kind referred to; the presses of England, Germany, France, and Belgium issue every day thousands of woodcuts; it was high time, therefore, that to improve the ink was an object of careful thought and study.
- Art Union.

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