Fugitive inks.

Manufacturer and builder 7, 1882

The aniline violet pencils now extensively used in this country, as well as inks made of the same coloring matter, must be understood to produce writing of a very fugitive character; well enough, perhaps, for amatory correspondence, which, in order to be in character with the feeling that prompts it, is possibly better to be of a somewhat transient kind. It is, however, different with most writing, and permanence is commonly recognized as an essential characteristic; and, as we have said, this quality does not belong to inks of the aniline violet series. A druggist whom we know found out this to his cost. He labeled some of his bottles with purple ink of a most telling brilliancy, but some time after was much surprised to find that not a trace of the writing was to be seen. The light effectually bleaches the aniline and we have noticed that exposure in a damp place produces the same effect.

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