Cochineal Insect introduces into Europe.

American Farmer, 10.10.1828.

It appears that an experiment lately tried in Spain, and some parts of the Mediterranean, to in troduce the cochineal insect, promises to be attended with the desired result in some of the provinces of Spain, at Gibraltar, and at Malta. The Indian fig is of a natural growth under the climate of those countries, and being the only food of the insect in question, originally suggested the idea of its importation. It has been ascertained, after the indefatigable researches of some celebrated naturalists, that the powers of fecundity of the female cochineal insect are so great as to enable it to give birth, in the very short course of its natural existence, to no less a number than 632,727. Its transportation into Europe may, in a short time be come a source of important trade to those parts where circumstances of climate and food will enable it to thrive.

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