Useful Receipts. Good Lacquer for Brass. Pale Lacquer for tin plate. Lacquer for Philosophical Instruments.

Scientific American11, 10.9.1864

Good Lacquer for Brass.
Seed lac, 6 ozs.;
amber of copal, 2 ozs.;
best alcohol, 4 galls.;
pulverized glass, 4 ozs.;
dragon's blood, 40 grs.;
extract of red sandal wood, obtained by water, 30 grs.

Pale Lacquer for tin plate.
Best alcohol, 8 ozs.;
turmeric, 4 drs.;
hay saffron 2scsM
dragon blood, 4 scs.;
red sanders, 1 sc.;
shell lac, 1 oz.;
gum sanderach, 2 drs.;
gum mastic, 2 drs.;
Canada balsam, 2drs.;
when dissolved add spirits of turpentine, 80 drops.

Lacquer for Philosophical Instruments.
Alcohol, 80 ozs.;
gum gutta, 3 ozs.;
gum elemi, 8 ozs.;
dragon's blood, 4 ozs.;
seed lac 4 ozs.;
terra meria, 3 ozs.;
saffron, 8grs.;
pulverized glass, 12 ozs.

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