Pure Copper Paint.

Scientific American 15, 9.4.1864

A new pigment, calculated at the same time to increase the resources of the decorative painter, and to affor a ready means of preserving iron and other metals, has recently been introduced at Paris by M. L. Oudry of the Antenil Electro-Metallurgic Works. He first obtains a pure copper by throwing down the metal by the galvanic process; he then reduces the rpecipitate to an impalpable powder by stamping. This powder is then combined with a particular preparation of benzine, and used in the same way as ordinary paint; the beautiful bronzed effects are produced upon it by means of dressing with acidified solutions and pure copper powder. The articles painted with the new material have all the appearance of electrobronze, whilst its cost is less than one sixth; it will last from eight to ten years. Mr. Oudry also proposes to substitute benzine oil for linseed and other oils, over which he states it posses great advantages.

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