To Dye Ivory a Red Color.

Scientific American 12, 29.11.1856

A correspondent requests information respecting the method of coloring ivory billiard balls red. As the information may be useful to others as well as him, we give it as follows:

First wash the balls in strong cold soapsuds, to remove all grease from their surface, then rinse them in cold water. Then place on the fire a tin or copper ladle containing ground cochineal, a little cream of tartar, and about a thimble full of the muriate of tin to four quarts of water in the ladle, and boil the balls in this for about five minutes; then take them out, dip them in cold water, and boil them in the coloring liquor for about five minutes longer, and they will be colored. Now take them out, wash them in cold water, and they are finished. Half an ounce of good cochineal boiled in three quarts of soft water, with one-fourth of an ounce of cream of tartar and a small thimblefull of the muriate of tin; or, as a substitute, alum, will color six ivory balls in good full red. This method of coloring ivory was given in our columns about five years ago, but the new subscriber, who has requested this information cannot refer to the previous receipt.

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