Useful Receipts. Bronze Dips.

Scientific American 11, 10.9.1864

Brown Bronze Dip.
Iron scales, 1 lb.;
arsenic, 1 oz.;
muriatic acid, 1 lb.;
zinc (solid) 1 oz.
Let the zinc be kept in only while it is in use.

Green Bronze Dip.
Wine vinegar, 2 qts.;
verditer green, 2 ozs.;
sal-ammoniac, 1 oz.;
salt, 2 ozs.;
alum, ½ oz.;
French berries, 8 ozs.;
boil the ingredients together.

Olive Bronze Dip, for Brass
Nitric acid, 3 ozs.;
muriatic acid, 2 ozs.;
add titanium or palladium;
when the metal is dissolved add 2 galls pure soft water to each pint of the solution.

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