Scientific American 32, 24.4.1852

We have received a sample of beautiful ultramarine from Augustus Scheller, St. Louis, Mo., who has lately returned from Germany, where he was admitted and taught the process for making artificial ultramarine, in the celebrated manufactory of Muremberg, Bavaria. The sample is a very fine one. He says the material for making it are abundant and cheap in the United States, and that it can be made at less cost here than in Europe. This pigment is imported from Germany and France in considerable quantities and at pretty hight prices, for lithographers, printers, paper stainers, and artists. The capital to engage i the business is not required to be large, and good profits, he believes, can be made. The maufacture of this beautiful azure tpaint is kept very secret, and has not yet found its way into England. Any person desirous of engagig in such a business will obtain more information about it by addressing Mr. Scheller, who is a practical chemist.

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