To Prepare Canvas for Oil Painting.

Scientific American 32, 26.4.1851

1st Process - After the canvas is stretched in the common way, apply with a brush the following size and rub in well: 4 oz. good glue, 1/4 oz. alum, and cut 1/4 of an inch of white soda soap from off the end of a bar, then add 1½ pints of water, and melt  the whole over a slow fire, and strain it through a fine cloth.

2nd Process. - Take 1 part of alum, 2 parts white soap, and 3 parts of glue, with water enough to make it of consistency of the first size, melt and strain as above, then mix whiting with it so as to make it considerably thick, not so thick however but that it can be applied with a coarse brush to the canvass. If any person should like a ground less absorbent, they can pass a thin coating of oil over the canvas after it is perfectly dry.

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