To Dye Hair Black Instantaneously.

Scientific American 31, 19.4.1851

Dissolve about an ounce of the nitrate of silver in a half-pin vial; then, in another vial of the same size, filled with ether, put some phosphorous (about half an ounce.) Apply the nitrate of silver to the whiskers with a sponge, and after it is on about five minutes, apply the phosphoric ether solution in the same way, and the red or light whiskers become black, as fast as you can say "Jack Romison." The hair should then be washed. It is not safe, however, to tamper with the nitrate of silver. It should never be used to color the head black; far better to have the locks frosted than colored, if health is of any consequence to the individual man. We have had some enquiries about the way to dye the hair black within the past week. The above will give them all the information they want. The phosphorous may be dispensed with, but the color will not be formed so fast by the silver alone. The nitrate of silver is the basis of all the perfumers' hair dyes. The phosphorous gives out no very pleasant smell, but the silver has a very pleasant odor.

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