The Dyer's Guide. Chapter IV. On Scouring and Dyeing Wool. To dye wool green.

The Dyer's Guide
Being a Compendium of the Art of Dyeing
Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, Muslin, Dresses, Furniture, &c. &c.

With The Method of
Scouring Wool, Bleaching Cotton, &c.
Directions for Ungumming Silk, And For Whitening And Sulphuring Silk And Wool.
And Also
An Inttroductory Epitome of The Leading Facts in Chemistry, As Connected With The Art of Dyeing.

By Thomas Packer,
Dyer and Practical Chemist.

"Cet arte est un des plus utiles et des plus merveilleux qu'on connoisse."
- Chaptal.

"There is no art which depends so much on chemistry as dyeing."
- Garnett.

Second Edition,
Corrected and Materially Improved.

Printed for Sherwood, Gilbert, And Piper,

The shades of this colour are very numerous, as yellow green, pale green, bright green, grass green, laurel green, olive green, sea green, parrot green, cabbage green, duck's-wing green, &c.

The goods must first have a blue ground from the woad vat, light or full according to the pattern, they are afterwards to be prepared with alum and tartar, weak or strong according to the lightness or fulness of the pattern, and are afterwards dyed in weld liquor. Many of the shades of green are more readily done by dyeing the wool first yellow with old fustic, with a preparation of alum and tartar, and using the chemic blue vat made with sulphuric acid and indigo. See page 47.

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