The Dyer's Guide. Chapter III. On Dyeing Silk. To alum silk.

The Dyer's Guide
Being a Compendium of the Art of Dyeing
Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, Muslin, Dresses, Furniture, &c. &c.

With The Method of
Scouring Wool, Bleaching Cotton, &c.
Directions for Ungumming Silk, And For Whitening And Sulphuring Silk And Wool.
And Also
An Inttroductory Epitome of The Leading Facts in Chemistry, As Connected With The Art of Dyeing.

By Thomas Packer,
Dyer and Practical Chemist.

"Cet arte est un des plus utiles et des plus merveilleux qu'on connoisse."
- Chaptal.

"There is no art which depends so much on chemistry as dyeing."
- Garnett.

Second Edition,
Corrected and Materially Improved.

Printed for Sherwood, Gilbert, And Piper,

Forty or fifty pounds of alum being dissolved in a copper of hot water, the solution is to be poured into a tub containing forty or fifty pails of cold water; during the mixing of the solution of alum with the water it should be well stirred lest the cold water should crystallize the alum and spot the silk; when, however, this happens, dipping silk in warm water will dissolve the alum. The silk should be alumed cold, for, if hot, the lustre of the silk will be injured. Alum is used for certain reds and yellows but not for blue. See also Chapter VI.

When silk is deprived of its gum so as to acquire the greatest possible degree of whiteness, it is still necessary to have different shades of white, some yellow, some blue, and others reddish; these are known under five denominations, namely, China white, India white, thread or milk white, silver and azure white. All these whites, although differing from each other by very slight shades, are nevertheless apparent, especially when compared with each other, which will be seen in the processes of dyeing silk.

For ungumming and boiling, whitening and sulphuring silk, see Chapter VI.

We have described M'Kernan's method of preparing and neutralizing sulphate of indigo in pages 51 and 52, to which the reader will be kind enough to refer: the following blue vat is from Macquer.

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