Oil-Colors Upon Silk or Satin.

Scribners monthly 3, 1881

In using oil paints with silk or satin, begin by squeezing out the tube colors on blotting-paper, which will absorb the oil in the paint and prevent a stain upon the material. Lay ox-gall over the design you have drawn or transferred, before applying the paint. Then charge your brush with the highest general tone of color, and accomplish what you can with a single sweep, taken, if possible, parallel to the rib of the silk, not across the woof. A second application of color should supply the shading; a third, the deepest shadows, For blending colors use only the palette-knife upon the palette. Do not attempt this with your brush upon the silk or staing. Cake-Magnesia, rubbed on the wrong side of the material, is said to be useful in absorbing oil. It can easily be bruised off when the paint is dry.

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