Black Oxide of Manganese.

Scientific American 13, 22.9.1866

Messrs. Editors: - In answer to "E. H. L. of Mo," in last week's Scientific American, we would state that there are mines of oxide of manganese in California, Ohio, Virginia, and near St. John, N. B., from the latter of which large quantities are being constantly shipped to the bleaching powder manufacturers of England, beside being extensively used here in the manufacture of glass, steel, varnish, refining of coal oil, etc. For the manufacture of crystal glass, which requires the best article of manganese, the New Brunswick has been pronounced by New York, Boston, and Pittsburgh manufactures equal to the best Saxon.
Merrit. W. Griswold & Co.
Agents for N. B. Manganese Mines.
New York, Sept. 14, 1866.

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