A Dictionary of Arts: Green Paints.

A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines; containing A Clear Exposition of Their Principles and Practice

by Andrew Ure, M. D.;
F. R. S. M. G. S. Lond.: M. Acad. M. S. Philad.; S. PH. DOC. N. GERM. Ranow.; Mulh. Etc. Etc.

Illustrated with nearly fifteen hundred engravings on wood
Eleventh American, From The Last London Edition.
To which is appended, a Supplement of Recent Improvements to The Present Time.

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GREEN PAINTS. (Couleurs vertes, Fr.; Grüne pigmente, Germ.) Green, which is so common a colour in the vegetable kingdom, is very rare in the mineral. There is only one metal, copper, which affords in its combinations the various shades of green in general use. The other metals capable of producing this colour are, chromium in its protoxide, nickel in its hydrated oxide, as well as its salts, the seleniate, arseniate, and sulphate; and titanium in its prussiate.

Green pigments are prepares also by the mixture of yellows and blues; as, for example, the green of Rinman and of Gellert, obtained by a mixture of cobalt blue, and flowers of zinc; that of Barth, made with yellow lake, Prussian blue, and clay; but these paints seldom appear in the market, because the greens are generally extemporaneous preparations of the artists.

Mountain Green consists of the hydrate, oxyde, or carbonate of copper, either factitious, or as found in nature.

Bremen or Brunswick green is a mixture of carbonate of copper with chalk or lime, and sometimes a little magnesia or ammonia. It is improved by an admixture of white lead. It may be prepared by adding ammonia to a mixed solution of sulphate of copper and alum.

Frise green is prepared with sulphate of copper and sal ammoniac.

Mittis green is an arseniate of copper; made by mixing a solution of acetate or sulphate of copper with arsenite of potash. It is in fact Scheele's green.

Sap green is the inspissated juice of buckthorn berries. These are allowed to ferment 8 days in a tub, then put in a press, adding a little alum to the juice, and concentrated by gentle evaporation. It is lastly put up in pigs' bladders, where it becomes dry and hard.

Schweinfurt green; see SCHWEINFURT.

Verona green is merely a variety of the mineral called green earth.

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