New Economical Paint with the Oxi-chloride of Zinc.

Scientific American 17, 20.10.1860

This paint is is mixture of oxi-chloride of zinc and alkaline solutions. There are two ways to manufacture it.

1. Take chloride of zinc prepared by the ordinary process, and free of acid; concentrate the solution so that when cold it marks 58° Beaumé. Then prepare a solution containing, for 30 gallons, 4½, pounds carbonate of soda; mix the two solutions in the proportion of 9 pints of the first for 3 gallons of the second. This liquid, so prepared, is mixed with the white of zinc, to form a paint of the ordinary consistence, which is applied immediately. Analysis shows that in the above proportion there is one equivalent of chloride of zinc for one equivalent of oxyd.

2. If you use sulphate of zinc, it most be a solution marking 40° Beaumé; and add, for every gallon, 1 ounce borate of soda. These solutions could be kept for a long time, but the white of zinc must be added only when ready for use, and you must prepare only the quantity sufficient to work one hour.

This paint gives a very fine white; it covers as well as oil painting. It is vary adhesive and solid; its price is half that of the oxyd of zinc; it is without smell; it may be applied on wood, iron or cloth. It does not, however, mix well with coloring matters, and must be applied only as white paint.

— Professor H. Dussauce.

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