Dictionarium polygraphicum. To dye silk a fire colour. To dye a flame colour. To dye silk a flame colour.

Dictionarium Polygraphicum:
Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested.
Vol I.
London: Printed for C. Hitch and C. Davis in Pater-noster Row, and S. Austen in St. Paul's Church Yard. MDCCXXXV.
To dye silk a fire colour.
Alum your silk (see the article ALUM, &c. in the article CRIMSON) then tie up half a pound of Brasile in a bag to each pound of silk, and lay it in liquor for half an hour; then take it out, and put in an ounce of beaten turmerick; let the dye dissolve, and when it is cold, take out the silk, and put the bag in again with some lye; boil it again, and then take out the bag, and put in the silk, leaving it in till it is cold; then rinse it, and dry it.

To dye a FLAME colour.
It being first dyed yellow, boil two ounces of fustel-wood, and an ounce of pot-ashes, for every pound of woollen-stuffs, for half an hour; stir it very well, and then put in the stuffs; work it till the colour is to your mind, then rinse it out.

FIRE and FLAMEs [in miniature] are coloured, the lights with masticote and orpiment; and for the shades, vermilion and carmine.

To dye SILK a FLAME colour.
First boil, rinse, beat and dry the silk, and for every pound. take two ounces of Orleans, dissolve it in warm water, and wave the silk to and fro in it till it is just ready to boil, which it must not be suffered to do; then rinse and beat the silk; and afterwards to every pound of silk, take six pounds of wild saffron, prepar'd as directed in the Spanish flesh colour, or in carnation, four ounces and a half of pot ashes, two quarterns and a half of lime juice; all which must be prepar'd as in the pearl and flame colour.

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