Dictionarium polygraphicum. Colours for glass.

Dictionarium Polygraphicum:
Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested.
Vol I.
London: Printed for C. Hitch and C. Davis in Pater-noster Row, and S. Austen in St. Paul's Church Yard. MDCCXXXV.
Take scales of iron one ounce, scales of copper one ounce, jet half an ounce; reduce them to powder, and mix them.

Take powder blue one pound, sal nitre half a pound; mix them, and grind them well together.

Take red chalk eight ounces, jet four ounces, iron scales and litharge of silver of each two ounces, gum arabick half an ounce; dissolve in water; grind all together for half an hour as stiff as you can; then put it in a glass and stir it well, and let it stand to settle fourteen days.

Take red-chalk one pound, jet one pound and a half; gum arabick half a pound; let all be finely powdered; grind them well on a copper plate with rain water very thick, and let it stand three days to settle; then dry it on an earthen dish, and grind it again on a copper plate.

Take red-lead one pound, scales of copper one peund, and flint five pounds; divide them into three parts, and add to them as much sal nitre as one of those parts; put them into a crucible, and melt them with a strong fire, and when it is cold, powder it, and grind it on a porphyry.

Take minium four ounces, sand one ounce, scales of copper calcin’d five ounces; mix them together.

Take silver an ounce, antimony half an ounce; melt them in a crucible; then pound the mass to powder, and grind it on a copper plate; add to it yellow oker or brick duff calcin’d again fifteen ounces, and grind them well together with water.

Take prepared or leaf silver, lay each of them smooth and even on a plate of glass, and burn or anneal the same together, and the glass will be of a delicate golden or yellow colour.

Pointure or BLACK.
Take scales of iron one part, and jet two parts; or scales of iron one part, of jet one part and a half; or scales of iron three parts, jet three parts, scales of copper two parts, and it will be a pleasant colour.

Artificial jet for this purpose.
Take minium or red-lead three parts, flint or white pebbles one part; mix, calcine, and grind them.

Take minium one pound, brown stone one pound, whiteflint five pounds; divide them into three parts, and add to them as much sal nitre as one of those parts; calcine, melt, and grind it as you do the green.

Take jet four ounces, litharge of silver two ounces, red-chalk one ounce; powder them fine and mix them.

A noble RED or GREEN colour.
Take leaves of gold or calx of gold made by calcination, or aqua regis; put either of them on plates of glass, and heat them gradually red hot together; so will the glass be ting'd of a noble red colour, or else of a florid green, which colours result from the purity or impurity of the gold.

Take jet two parts, white flint ground on a glass very fine one part; mix them. Or, minium or red-lead three unds, sand from the glass-house one pound; mix them.

Take Spanish brown ten parts, leaf silver one part, antimony half a part; put all into a crucible, and calcine them well.

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