Newest Coloring Matters.

Scientific American 13, 25.9.1869

A lecture has ben given by Mr. W. H. Perkin, at the Royal Institution, "On the Newest Coloring Matters." Among the many interesting facts then put forward was the discovery of a beautiful blue color, by a German chemist, on treating rosaline with sulphuric acid. Unfortunately, it was not a "fast color." A dyer made many trials therewith, in the hope of turning it to account, but all in vain. He happened to mention his difficulty to a photographer, who, knowing that hyposulphite of sodium would fix a photograph, recommended the dyer to try that. The trial was made; when mixed with the hyposulphite, the blue became a beautiful green, and, better still, a "fast color." This was the origin of that brilliant dye commonly known as "Night green," because of its remaining unmistakably green in appearance whe seen by artificial light. Let it be remembered that nearly all the new colors are extracted in some way from coal tar, that the first was discovered not more than thirteen years ago, and that the annual value now manufactured in £1,250,000, and it will be seen that in the industry created by these new products there is an admirable example of the results of scientific investigation. The best of it is that the field is inexhaustible; for many years to come it will yield a rich harvest of discoveries.

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