Ulesote — A New Metallic Paint.

Manufacturer and builder 4, 1885

We have lately had brought to our notice a new paint pigment, for which exceptional merits for a variety of uses are claimed by the maker. The new product is known by the trade name of Ulesote — meaning "a preserver of matter," to designate its chief characteristic as a preservative of the surfaces to which it is applied.

The new pigment has a pulverulent metal as its base, which is ground with linseed oil. The natural color of the ground material is a grayish-blue, and from this as a base every desirable shade of color may be prepared by suitable admixture of other pigments in proper proportions; and the resulting paint is claimed to be admirably adapted, by reason of its excellent covering qualities, its permanence and unalterability on exposure to all forms of atmospheric changes, and its resistance to the action of sea water, for every species of outside painting on wood or metal. To be more specificm it can be produced in any shade and color (except white and very light shades), and is offered as a complete substitute for the best paints in use.

When applied to any surface, it produces a species of metallic mating which is firm, elastic, impervious to dampness, and very permanent. It is claimed to resist perfectly the destructive influences of the sea air, which is very severe on paints generally, and for this reason it is strongly recommended for use on seaside cottages and other buildings exposed to its action. On iron it is affirmed to act as a complete preservative — successfully preventing oxidation, being in this respect at least as effective as galvanizing.

It is also claimed for this new product, that when properly mixed and applied, it will cover from 20 to 40 per cent more surface than pure lead in oil, or any of the so called mixed paints now in use.

It is prepared for sale in many desirable colors in the liquid form, ready for the brush. The natural color is also sold in the form of a paste, from which other shades can be produced, and should be mixed in nearly the same manner as lead, though in contract with this it is claimed that it will stand a much greater amount of oil or other carrying material.

It is highly recommended as a protective coating for metallic rooting, and for bridges, cars, machinery, and railroad purposes generally.

A marine paint is also prepared from Ulesote to be used on the bottoms of iron or wooden vessels and boats, for which purpose it is claimed to be not only very durable, but to possess anti-fouling qualities of it high order, preventing the attachment of barnacles or grass, and the ravages of the teredo.

In brief, it is claimed for this product that it possesses every desirable quality that a paint should possess to effectively preserve the surfaces of wood or metal from deterioration; that it is economical, durable to an eminent degree, retaining its luster and preservative qualities unimpaired under the severest tests for a long time.

Ulesote is manufactured by Mr. H. F. Taintor, of 281 Pearl street, New York, to whom inquiries for additional details may be addressed.

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