New Inventions. Copper-plate Printing.

The New Monthly Magazine 10, 1820

The following is from the report of the Central Jury, on the productions of French industry exhibited in the Louvre, in 1819: - "M. Gonord exhibited, in 1806, porcelain on which copper-plate engraving had been transferred by mechanical means. He has again appeared at the exhibition of 1819, with some specimens of the same art perfected. He has arrived at a singular but undoubted result. An engraved copper-plate being given, he will use it for the decoration of pieces of different dimensions, and, by an expeditious mechanical process, enlarge or reduce the design in proportion to the piece, without changing the plate. The certainty of the process has been corroborated by the Jury, who were admitted by M. Gonord into his works. In consequence of their report, the Jury decreed a gold medal to M. Gonord."

- Annales de Chim. XIII. p. 94.

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