New Metal Paint.

Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1893

A new kind of paint is announced, which, it is claimed, possesses in a peculiar degree the properties of preserving metals from rust and of being unaffected by either heat or cold. When applied to sheet iron, it is found that the coating is not affected by warm water or steam, nor is it at all influenced by the action of acid and alkaline liqids, ammonia gas, hydrochloric acid gas and sulphureted hydrogen gas. The principal ingredient of this paint is a silicate of iron, which is found in the neighborhood of natural deposits of iron ores, and also occurs in veins of deposits of granite, which have become decomposed by contact with the air. The deposit, which is employed in the form of a finely-ground powder, is found to be composed mainly of oxide of iron, with small proportions of silicic acid, phosphoric acid, alumina, lime, magnesia, etc. The silicate of iron, in a very finely-divided state, is mixed whit oxidized linseed oil and varnish, to form a paste, and when required in the form of a paint, it is thinned down with good linseed oil, to which, if deemed desirable, a dryer — such as litharge — is added, and at the sane time mineral colors for producing the required shade.

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