Brass Coloring.

Manufacturer and Builder 8, 1893

A fine black color, which can be varied to a light brown, can be produced on brass by treatment with an ammoniacal copper solution made by dissolving one part of copper nitrate in two parts of ammonia of specific gravity 0.96, while keeping the solution cool. The brass articles, which must be carefully cleaned, acquire a light tone on first being immersed, but on exposure for some hours become deep black. The treatment can be interrupted when the desired tint is reached. A luster can be put on the articles by rub. bing with a little wax or vaseline. The process can be varied and other color effects obtained by treatment of the article after the development of the black color with very dilute hydrochloric acid, which dissolves the coating gradually and thus modifies the tint. The composition of the brass also has an influence on the result, and the coloring produced recalls that seen on Japanese bronze, which has possibly been obtained by a similar method.

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