Chemical science. Whitening Lace.

The Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art
Exhibiting the Most Important discoveries and Improvements of the past year,
in mechanics and the useful arts; natural philosophy; electricity; chemistry; zoology and biology; geology and geography; meteorology and astronomy.
By John Timbs,
editor of "the Arcana of Science and Art."
David Bogue, Fleet Street,
M. Blanchet has described to the Paris Academy of Sciences, the serious consequences resulting from the process of Whitening Brussels Lace to the persons employed in it. In this process the carbonate of lead is used; and a large portion of it is carried into the atmoshphere, where it is inhaled, and thus produces a serious affection of the intestines. It is also very injurious to the sight and to the hearing. M. Leroy D'Etiolles submitted a new and improved lithotritic instrument.

- Athenæum, No. 1051.

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