(2672) Lustrous Black on Wood-Work. (2674) Coloring Glass Toys.

The Manufacturer and Builder 8, 1880

(2672) Lustrous Black on Wood-Work.
- We know of nothing that will be expeditious enough to answer our correspondent's inquiry to put fine, black, lustrous finish on wood-work in the lathe; but can give him several recipes for putting on a black finish afterwards, namely: Put on two coats of black japan, the nvanirhs or polish; or use size and lampblack before laying on the japan. Or, wash the wood with a boiling decoction of logwood three or four times, allowing it to dry between each application; then wash with a solution of acetate of iron (made by dissolving iron filings in vinegar), and varnish or polish. Do not mix the logwood and iron before application. This stains so deep that ordinary scratching will not expose the original color of the wood.

(2674) Coloring Glass Toys.
- The mode of coloring these and similar toys, no doubt differs somewhat. One method, and we think the simplest, consists in preparing a solution of collodion - gun-gotton gelatinized in a mixture of alcohol and ether - adding to it an alcoholic solution of one of the aniline colors that gives the desired tint, filling the spheres with this colored solution and then emptying out the surplus. The portion remaining in the interior, by the evaporation of the solvent, speedily forms a tenacious coating of the desired color, having the high luster which is characteristic of these and similar toys. Our correspondent will find this to be a rapid and satisfactory method of accomplishing his object.

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