Dictionarium polygraphicum. (Wax recipies.)

Red sealing wax.
Take one pound of bees-wax, three ounces of fine turpentine, one ounce and an half of red lead and vermilion finely ground, olive-oil an ounce, melt the wax and turpentine, and one ounce of rosin finely powdered; when they are well melted, and the drosi taken off, put in the red-lead or vermilion, and stir them well together 'till they are well incorporated; and you may, when it grows a little cool, make it up into what form you please.

To make an ordinary red soft sealing wax.
Take common bees-wax two pound, turpentine six ounces, oil of olive two ounces; melt all these together, then add six ounces of red-lead; boil them a little, and stir 'till it is almost cold; cast it into fair water, and make it up into rolls or cakes.

To make fine red hard sealing wax.
Take pure fine shell-lac, melt it in an earthen vessel, and put into it a sufficient quantity of the colour you design the wax to be of. To every half pound of gum lac, put an ounce and an half, or two ounces, of purely fine ground vermilion; mix them well over the fire, and when it is of a fit coolness, make it up into rolls or cakes.
You may set a gloss upon it, by gently beating it aver a charcoal fire, and rubbing it with a cloth 'till it is cold.

To make the best red soft wax.
Take white beet-wax two pounds, Chio turpentine six ounces, oil of olive six ounces, mix and melt them together, then add pure vermilion well-ground two ounces, mix and boil them; little, stir them 'till almost cold, cast it into cold water, md then make it up into rolls or cakes.

To make black soft wax.
Take beet-wax one pound, turpentine three ounces, oil-olive one ounce, mix and melt them together; to which mix black earth, or lamp-black, or ivory-black finely ground, one ounce, mix and melt, &c. as before.

To make coarse hard sealing wax.
Take shell-lac six ounces, rosin six ounces, fine vermilion three ounces; melt and mix them together, and when in a due stare as to heat and cold, make them up into sticks or rolls, which you may set a gloss upon as before directed.

To make fine hard sealing wax of other colours.
Green sealing-wax is made after the same manner, and in the same proportions as fine hard red sealing wax, by mixing with the ingredients verdegrease instead of vermilion.

Blue sealing-wax is also made after the same manner, by putting in fine blue smalt or ultramarine.

Purple sealing-wax is so made, by putting in vermilion mixt with ivory-black, or lamp-black.

Black, hard, coarse sealing-wax, is made with ivory-black.

To make yellow sealing-wax.
This is done as the rest, with finely-ground auripigmentum, or yellow masticote.

To make green soft wax.
Take bees-wax one pound, turpentine 3 ounces, oil-olive one ounce; mix and melt them, then add fine verdegrease one ounce; mix, and make the wax up, as the others.

To make yellow soft wax.
Take yellow bees-wax one pound, turpentine 3 ounces, oil-olive one ounce; mix and melt them, then add gambooge in fine powder 2 ounces, auripigmentum finely ground one ounce 1 mix, and make the wax as before.

To make perfum'd soft wax.
This is done by mixing ten ounces of any of the former com positions, oil of rhodium a drachm, musk in powder a scruple, civet half a scruple, mixing them well.

After the same manner you may make soft wax of all colours, having what scent you please, by mixing the perfume you would have either with the oil of olive before-hand, or else by working it into the composition of the wax after it is made.

To make golden or transparent wax.
Take four ounces of clarified rosin, two ounces of turpentine, four ounces of bees-wax, and two ounces of olive oil; melt them well together, and scatter in the melting disorder'd or shatter'd leaf-gold, and suffer it to mix or incorporate; then polish it over when made into sticks, &c. and the gold will appear.

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