A Treatise on Calico Printing, Of Animal Substances

A Treatise on Calico Printing, VOL. I-II
Printed for C. O'Brien, Bookseller, Islington, and fold by Bew, Paternoster-row: Richardson, Royal Exchange: Murray, Fleet-Street: And the Booksellers of Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, &c.
These produce jellies, which when inspissated and become solid in the cold, form glue, and by the evaporation being carried further, it becomes horn.

This jelly, or gelatinous substance, is the only true animal one; as all human parts, bones and all, are to be reduced to it; the other properties it has in common with vegetables gums or mu cilages, except Jhat the animal one makes a stronger cement: Acid, and alkalies particularly, easily dissolve animal jellies; but the na ture of these combinations is not known.

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