Bleaching Sponges.

Manufacturer and builder 11, 1885

Some recent researches appear to indicate that the bleaching of sponges may be more easily and quicly effected by means of a solution of bromine in water, instead of the aqueous solution of sulphurous acid so generally employed. One part of bromine requires thirty parts of water to dissolve it, it being only necessary then, in order to have a concentrated solution of bromine, to pour a few drops of liquid bromine into a bottle of distilled water and then shake it up. The sponges are immersed in this solution, and after a few hours, their brown color will disappear and give place to a much lighter tint. Upon treating the sponges a second time in the same way, they will acruire the desired shade. They are still further improved by afterward dipping them into dilute sulphuric acid, and then washing them in several waters.

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