Beautiful Varnish.

Scientific American 14, 21.12.1850

I noticed in your most excellent paper of the 2nd of NOv. last, that some gentleman had seeen a fine specimen of enamel varnish on some Talbotypes, and wishes to have a good varnish of a similar kind. For the benefit of the readers of the Scientific American I furnish the following original recipe for a vanish, which, when spread over any picture or painting, will preserve the same better than anything else I have ever seen: it is as follows:

Take honey, 1 pint; the qwhites of two dozen fresh hens eggs; 1 ox. of good clean isinglass; 20 grains of hydrate of potassium; ½ oz. of chloride of sodium - mix together over a gentle heat of 80 and 90 degs. Fahr.; be careful not to let the mixture remain long enough to coagulate the albumen of the eggs; stir the mixture thoroughly, then bottle; it is to be applied as follows - one table-spoonful of good oil of turpentine, spread on the picture as soon as mixed.

J. P. Henderson, M. D.,
Editor of the Era.

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