The Dyer's Guide. Chapter VI. On Dyeing Cotton And Silk. Whitening (silk).

The Dyer's Guide
Being a Compendium of the Art of Dyeing
Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, Muslin, Dresses, Furniture, &c. &c.

With The Method of
Scouring Wool, Bleaching Cotton, &c.
Directions for Ungumming Silk, And For Whitening And Sulphuring Silk And Wool.
And Also
An Inttroductory Epitome of The Leading Facts in Chemistry, As Connected With The Art of Dyeing.

By Thomas Packer,
Dyer and Practical Chemist.

"Cet arte est un des plus utiles et des plus merveilleux qu'on connoisse."
- Chaptal.

"There is no art which depends so much on chemistry as dyeing."
- Garnett.

Second Edition,
Corrected and Materially Improved.

Printed for Sherwood, Gilbert, And Piper,

Put into a copper with thirty pails of water half a pound of soap; when it boils, and the soap dissolved, add for China white a little prepared annatto, (of which hereafter.) The silk, being on rods, is now to be put into the copper and kept turning end for end without intermission till the shade is uniform. For India white a little azure is added, to give the blue shade: for thread white and others a Uttle azure is also to be added.

Observe, the liquor should be very hot, but not boiling; the turnings five times repeated, by which the shade is made even. When finished it is taken out, wrung, spread on poles to dry, and that part of it required for sulphuring must be pat upon rods or slight poles.

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