Notes & Queries. (1985) Imitating Black Walnut. (vastaus)

The Manufacturer and Builder 12, 1877

Ordinary wood, like pine, may be given the color, but not the correct appearance of walnut. In order to do this, it is necessary to take a wood which resembles walnut in its fiber, such as beech or alder. You may make a stain of linseed oil mixed with Vandyke brown or umber, or bath, with a little sienna, to suit yourself, as we have before mentioned, as a result of our own experience. But a Belgian journal says that the best is to use extract of walnut peel dissolved in six parts of soft boiling water. The wood is well dried and warmed, and then coated once or twice; when dry, it is brushed over with a solution of 1 part of chromate of potash in 5 parts of boiling water, and after drying again it is rubbed and polished. We have not tried this method, and give it for what it may be worth, but fear that if' great care is not used the wood may become too dark, if not black.

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