Notes & Queries. The Macic Pen.

The Manufacturer and Builder 7, 1877

(1858) The Macic Pen.
 How are the magic pens made, now sold everywhere, and with which one can write simply with water instead of ink? Please answer.
- W. T., New York City.

- It is a simple steel pen, in the hol-low side of which a few drops of a strong alcoholic solution of an anilin color have been allowed to dry. As these colors are exceedingly strong, requiring a very little to color a great deal of water, they will last surprisingly long, providing you give them. a chance to dry from time to time, as by continual writ-ing and keeping them wet, the coloring material becomes too much soaked, the notation stronger than necessary, and the pen gives out. When dry, it is bronze green, while by dissolv-ing it, it becomes red or blue, or the shades between, such as violet, etc.

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