Improvements in dyeing and finishing machinery abroad.

Posselt's Textile Journal 9, 1914

Continuous Chroming in Dyeing Aniline Black.
By J. P. Bemberg. Fig. 1 shows the chroming troughs and air passages, and Fig. 2 the apparatus for piling and finally washing. The cloth in the raw state passes into the chroming trough a1 and, after being squeezed by the rollers b1, is given an air passage over the rollers c1. It is then passed through the remaining chroming troughs a2, a3, a4, receiving a squeeze by rollers b2, b3, b4 and an air passage over rollers c2, c3, c4 between each. After this the cloth is piled down in the container d and finally washed off through the pad c.

Singeing Yarn and Fabrics.
By B. Szilard.
Figs. 3 and 4 are given to illustrate the new device. Fig. 3 is a section and Fig. 4 a top view of the same. Examining our illustrations we find a screen of quartz interposed between the flame and the yarn of fabric. The thread a passes between the quartz screens b, b1, which are heated by a series of burners on the gas pipes g, g1.

Supplying and Mixing Dye Compounds in Dye Vats.
By T. Southwell.
The arrangement is shown in Fig. 5. The dye is placed in the funnel E, which is provided with a filtering medium, and by means of the cock F is admitted gradually to the steam pipe A from where it passes Wrough the perforations into the liquor in the vat B.

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