Gutta-Percha Paint.

Manufacturer and builder 12, 1888

The paint made by the United States Gutta-Percha Paint Company is specially claimed to be not only an excellent preservative of the wood-work to which it is applied, but also to be very durable, and of such a character as to retain for the longest time its original attractive appearance. The expansion and contraction of the surfaces to which it is applied, to say nothing of the poor quality of the materials commonly employed in the making up of the so-called mixed paints, has operated against the general intro[duc]tion of these paints, and painters have not taken to them kindly.

It is claimed that the product of the United States Gutta-Percha Paint Company is especially qualified to meet the objections above named. It is affirmed to be possessed of many features that will commend it to the favor of those who require a lasting and water-proof out-door decorative coating for structures of every description. This paint, containing gutta-percha, and other gums of equal value, combined by a peculiar process with the linseed oil, possesses all the water-proof and elastic properties for which gutta-percha is famous, and if properly laid on, it is claimed that no expansion or contraction of the surface to which it is applied, will cause it to crack or chip. The gutta-percha and other gums combine perfectly with the linseed oil, with the white lead used as a body, and with the pure coloring pigments, and the result is a paint that possesses a good covering capacity, while the purity of its materials enables it to resist alike the action of temperature or moisture. It is supplied in all the standard light colors as well in the dark shades and tints so popular in modern exterior decoration, which should commend it to purchasers. For roofing purposes, it is declared to be particularly well suited, its elasticity commending it for use in all climates, and notably for application to old tin roofs in need of repair. Being manufactured, as it is, according to special formulæ, it is always uniform in color and quality, and may be relied on to give satisfaction.In use for a number of years, the United States Gutta-Percha Paint has proved successful whenever introduced, and is worthy the attention not only of builders, practical painters and consumers, but of dealers.

The manufacturers are United States Gutta-Percha Paint Co., of Providence, R. I.

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