Cadmium Yellow

Manufacturer and builder 9 / 1871

Of all the substances which have hitherto been used to impart a vivid, handsome yellow to toilet soaps, the sulphide of cadmium has given the best satisfaction in practise. The light of the sun and time do not alter the appearance of the soap colored with it, and only proportionally small addition of the color to the soap is needed to produce a handsome yellow. This addition is effected by rubbing the cadmium carefully to a very fine state of division with a little oil, and then adding to the soap mass while the latter is continually stirred. The color is not dissolved in the soap, but very finely divided in it. Two shades of the cadmium yellow, one of a lemon and the other of orange color, are furnished to the market, and most of it is made at the chemical factory of E. Shering, in Berlin, Prussia.

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