A Dictionary of Arts: Tin Mordants.

A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines; containing A Clear Exposition of Their Principles and Practice

by Andrew Ure, M. D.;
F. R. S. M. G. S. Lond.: M. Acad. M. S. Philad.; S. PH. DOC. N. GERM. Ranow.; Mulh. Etc. Etc.

Illustrated with nearly fifteen hundred engravings on wood
Eleventh American, From The Last London Edition.
To which is appended, a Supplement of Recent Improvements to The Present Time.

New York: D Appleton & company, 200 Broadway. Philadelphia: George S. Appleton, 148 Chestnut St.


TIN MORDANTS, for dyeing scarlet: -

Mordant A, as commonly made by the dyers, is composed of 8 parts of aqua-fortis, 1 part of common salt or sal ammoniac, and 1 of granulated tin. This preparation is very uncertain.

Mordant B. - Pour into a glass globe, with a long neck, 3 parts of pure nitric acid at 30° B,; and 1 part of muriatic acid at 17°; shake the globe gently, avoiding the corrosive vapors, and put a loose stopper in its mouth. Throw into this nitro-muriatic acid one eight of its weight of pure tin, in small bits at a time. When the solution is complete, and settled, decant it into bottles, and close them with ground stoppers. It should be diluted only when about to be used.

Mordant C, by Dambourney. - In two drachms Fr. (144 grs.) of pure muriatic acid, dissolve 18 grains of Malacca tin. This is reckoned a good mordant for brightening or fixing the colour of peachwood.

Mordant D, by Hellot. - Take 8 ounces of nitric acid, diluted with as much water; dissolve in it half an ounce of sal ammoniac, and 2 drachms of nitre. In this acid solution dissolve one ounce of granulated tin of Cornwall, observing not to put in a fresh piece till the preceding be dissolved.

Mordant E, by Scheffer. - Dissolve one part of tin in four of a nitro-muriatic acid, prepared with nitric acid diluted with its own weight of water, and one thirty-secondth of sal ammoniac.

Mordant F, by Poerner. - Mix one pound of nitric acid with one pound of water, and dissolve in it an ounce and a half of sal ammoniac. Stir it well, and add, by very slow degrees, two ounces of tin turned into this ribbonds upon the lathe.

Mordant G, by Berthollet. - Dissolve n nitric acid of 30° B. one eight of its weight of sal ammoniac,then add by degrees one eighth of its weight of tin, and dilute the solution with one fourth of its weight of water.

Mordant K, by Dambourney. - In one drachm (72 grs.) of muriatic acid at 17°, one of nitric acid at 30°, and 18 grains of water, dissolve, slowly and with some heat, 18 grains of fine Malacca tin.

Mordant L is the birch bark prescribed by Dambourney. - This bark, dried and ground, is said to be a very valuable substance for fixing the otherwise fugitive colours produced by woods, roots, archil, &c.

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