New Mordant.

Scientific American 4, 21.1.1865

A new mordant, for aniline and other dyes, is said to have been discovered. It consists of acetate of aluminum and arsenitate of soda, and the discoverer, M. Shultz, believes that it is destinated o replace albumen, gluten, tannin, and other matters employed for the same purpose. He mixes, at the ordinary temperature, four grammes of the aniline violet of commerce, in powder, with a quarter of liter of acetate of alumina, and twenty grammes of arsenitate of soda, thickening it with starch boiled in water - the quantity of starch to be diminished in proportion to the darkness of the color to be fixed. In the case of prints, it is recommended to mix the arsenitate of soda and the acetate of alumina with the coloring matter, and to steam the fabric or yarns over the mixture. For dyeing it is said to be better to treat the tissue, or yarns, in the first place, with a mixture of the two salts, and afterwards to dip them in the color vat in the ordinary way. Salts or compounds of tin, combined with alumina, may be used instead of arsenical acid.

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