How to Make Wax Crayons

Popular Mechanics, huhtikuu 1935

A good grade of wax marking crayons may be made in any desired color by melting together tallow, 90 parts, rosin, 2½ parts and rosin soap, 1 part. While the mixture is molten, the coloring pigment should be stirred in. Almost any dry color may be used, such as prussian blue, red iron oxide or chrome yellow. The colored mixture is then poured into molds, which may be short glass tubes. Wax drawing crayons may be cast from a composition made by melting together hard castile soap, 8 parts, beeswax crude, 6 parts, and crude spermaceti wax, 2 3/4 parts. While hot, carbon black 1½ parts, burnt umber, ½ part and prussian blue, ½ part, all by weight, are added and worked into the waxes until an even consistency is produced. The finished material is then poured into hot molds and cooled quickly by plunging into cold water.

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