Simple Homemade Paint Keeps Incinerators Attractive

Popular Mechanics, kesäkuu 1945

We have been using an old oil drum for an incinerator and have experienced some difficulty in finding a paint that would keep it looking attractive. Commercial paints available always darkened after a few fires had been built in the incinerator. While experimenting to find a paint that would not darken under heat, I used some powdered aluminum and sodium silicate (water glass) mixed to the consistency of paint and the results have been highly satisfactory. This mixture resembles flat white paitn more than it does aluminum paint. It is applied to the metal with an ordinary paintbrush after removing loose rust and dirt particles. The surface to be painted need not be dry as the paint itself contains water. After drying for a few hours, the surface should be heated, in this case by merely building a fire in the incinerator. If heating is not convenient, the surface should be wiped with a mineral-acid solution such as muriatic or sulphuric acid. The resulting film withstands even the heat of a direct gas flame, and does not seem to be affected by water. Undoubtedly similar mixtures of other powdered metals would produce results equal to these.

Frank A. Knight, Bangor, Me.

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