To Dye Silk a Brilliant Silver Color.

Scientific American 32, 1.5.1847

Proceed as directed in the last experiment, only use the nitrate of silver, instead of nitro muriate of hold. The process of crystalising, redissolving, &c., is the same. But the crystals of silver differ in color, being white, whereas those produced from gold are yellow. If a jar or boc be filled with hydrogen gas, and the silk suspended in it, the action of the gas, and consequently the revivification of the metals will be more uniform. For small figures, however, it may be as well to fix a stopper in the flask, having a small orifice through it, that the gas may be thrown with some force on the silk and will have more certain effect. A solution of muriate of tin may be managed in a similar manner, but none of these solutions can be thus revived on paper.

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