Useful Receipts. Ink for Marking Linen, &c., without Preparation. Printing Ink.

Scientific American 3, 6.10.1849

Ink for Marking Linen, &c., without Preparation.
One ounce of nitrate of silver, one and a half ounces carbonate of soda, crystalized, two dracms, two scruples of tartaric acid, two ounces or q. s. of strong liquor ammonia, half ounce of archil, six drachms of white sugar, ten drachms powdered gum arabic, q. s. distilled water. Dissolve the nitrate of silver and carbonate of soda separately in distilled water; mix the solutions, collect and wash the precipitate on a filter, introduce the washed precipitate, still moist, in a wedgewood mortar, and add to it the tartaric acid, rubbing them together until effervesence has ceased; add liquor ammonia in sufficient quantity to dissolve the tartrate of silver; then mix in the archil, white sugar, and powdered gum arabic, and add as much distilled water, if required, as will make six ounces of the mixture.

Printing Ink.
The following is a good form for the extemporaneous preparation of this ink.
Nine ounces of balsam of copaiba, three ounces of lamp-black, five drachms of indian red, three ounces of dry yellow soap. To be ground together on a slab, with a muller, until perfectly smooth.

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