Useful Receipts. Carmine.

Scientific American 2, 29.9.1849

Boil 1lb. 4oz. of ground cochineal and a very little of the carbonate of soda, in four gallons of soft water for 20 minutes; then take it from the fire and add 6 drams of alum, and stir the mixture for a few minutes, and let it stand for a quarter of an hour for the dreags to subside, then run off the clear liquor strain the sediment through a fine seive or cloth, and then when cold add the white of two eggs with the sediemnt, fish glue or isinglass will answer as well as the eggs. The muriate of tin may be used instead of alum. The weight of the cochineal, may be reduced to any amount, to make a small quantity, if the proportions are preserved.

This is the most beautiful pigment used for fine painting - it can also make beautiful red ink and in fact, may be termed red ink powder. It is also the most beautiful pigment for heightening the blush on the cheek of the vain, the proud, the gay.

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