The Manufacturer and Builder 10, 1876

Probably there is no one article of manufacture which is so universally needed as paint. There are many manufacturers who supply a really good article at a fair price, and there are others who do not scruple to take advantage of the ignorance of the public by selling inferior paints, which are not economical at any price.

The value of a paint consists partly in its purity of color and durability, but mainly in its protective qualities, which should preserve the material it covers. In these respects there are no paints made which excel H. W. Johns' patent Asbestos Paints, while he guarantees them to be more economical than any others in use, price and quality considered. The asbestos paints are intended particularly for outside work, and by different combinations of the twelve standard shades, all classes of buildings can be tastefully decorated.

Samples of these paints, with prices and any desired information, will be supplied without charge by the manufacturer, at 87 Maiden Lane, New York, who is also the patentee and manufacturer of the well-known asbestos roofing, steam pipe and boiler coverings, steam packing, etc.

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