Burroughs' Encyclopaedia. Receipts for Dyeing Cotton Fabric Red, Blue and Ecru.

Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Information
Barkham Burroughs
Muriate of tin, two-thirds cupful, add water to cover goods; raise to boiling heat; put in goods one hour; stir often; take out, empty kettle, put in clean water with Nicaragua wood one pound; steep one-half hour at hand heat, then put in goods and increase heat one hour, not boiling. Air goods, and dip one hour as before. Wash without soap.

For three pounds goods, blue vitriol 4 ounces; boil few minutes, then dip goods three hours; then pass them through strong lime water.

Continue the foregoing operation for blue by passing the goods through a solution of prussiate of potash.

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