A New Blue Color.

Scientific American 13, 10.12.1853

A patent has been taken out by J. A. Schlumerger, of Bale, Switzerland, for producing a new aniline blue as follows: -

He takes rosaniline, and mixes it with three parts of aniline and one and a half parts of acetic acid, adding one part of the carbonate of soda. The mixture is then heated to between 118° and 210° centigrade, and maintained at this temperature until it assumes a blue shade, when examined in a glass tube. The product is then precipitated with hydrochloric acid, being boiled therein, when the color solidifies and may be removed from the vessel with a skimmer. It is next boiled three or four times in water, and yields a blue without any shade of purple. It is then dried and afterwards dissolved in alcohol, when it i s ready to use by the dyer. It has been difficult to obtain a pure aniline blue, devoid of a shade of purple; this blue, it is stated, has no purplish tint by sunlight or artificial light.

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