The elements of materia medica and therapeutics: 2. Embrocatio iodinii - Iodine Paint.

The elements of materia medica and therapeutics
by Jonathan Pereira, M.D. F.R.S. & L.S.
Fourth Edition, enlarged and improved, including notices of themost of the medicinal substances in use in the civilized world, and forming an Encyclopædia of Materia Medica.
Vol. I.
London: printed for Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, Paternoster Row.


1 Practical Remarks on Gout, Rheumatic Fever, and Chronic Rheumatism of the Joints, pp. 187-88, Lond. 1843.
This is a solution of iodine and iodide of potassium in alcohol: the iodide of potassium greatly facilitates the solution of the iodine. The following is Dr. Todd's1 formula for it: — Iodinii, gr. lxiv.; Potassii Iodidi, gr. xxx.; Alcohol, ξj. M. — "The mode of application is by painting the part freely with a camel's-hair pencil. More or less smarting is produced, and frequently vesication or an herpetic eruption may come on. The painting may be repeated as often as circumstances may demand. It is extremely useful where any effusion has taken place into synovial membranes or sheaths."

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