The Universal Herbal: Bombax Gossipinum.

The Universal Herbal;
or botanical, medical and agricultural dictonary.
Containing an account of All the known Plants in the World, arranged according to the Linnean system. Specifying the uses to which they are or may be applied, whether as food, as medicine, or in the arts and manufactures.
With the best methods of propagation, and the most recent agricultural improvements.
collected from indisputable Authorities.
Adapted to the use of the farmer - the gardener - the husbandman - the botanist - the florist - and country housekeepers in general.
By Thomas Green.
Vol. I
Printed at the Caxton Press by Henri Fisher.
Printer in Ordinary to His Majesty.
Leaves five-lobed, acuminate, tomentose underneath. - Native of the Spanish West Indies, where the inhabitants spin the down enclosed in the pods, which is of a fine purple colour, and work it into garments, which they wear without dyeing.

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